I think something horrible has happened to my cat



June 20, 2014 · 17:09

6 responses to “I think something horrible has happened to my cat

  1. kx59

    Clearly a case of spontaneous right angle narcolepsy.
    You should get the poor thing to the vet right away…unless it gets up, stretches and yawns. Then it’s all good.

  2. Emily Summer

    We have the same sickness here. Starts with being fully stretched out from nose to tail. Our cats have daily bouts of it.

    • He has been pretty steady–three days on, 12 hours at a time lounging in the swing-chair, two days off, out and about. His sister disappears during the day, and I only see her after 10:30 when I happen to look out in the yard, no idea where she goes.

  3. I don’t see the problem. Is your cat more solid than he’s usually supposed to be?

    Cats are classified as a fluid, you know.