Sorry? SORRY?


Hickenlooper just proved he is either too stupid or too evil to lead. In case there was any doubt.

Sorry? Fuck you with a rusty fork.


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5 responses to “Sorry? SORRY?

  1. Butch Cassidy

    Keep in mind that he is not sorry for the laws. Just for not “consulting” his sheriffs before signing them. ~politics~

    • And that’s straight undiluted bullshit, too, considering he would have had to have been as utterly clueless and tone deaf as president Oby to have missed the news articles that were flying around every day about how the sheriffs were all opposed to these laws, too.

  2. I initially read that as “Guy to sheriffs…”

    Which is fitting, because that’s who he’s going to be in a couple of months: just another guy.

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