Evan Williams (what? I find it a nice cheap bourbon), Campari, lemon, and soda water, with a couple ice cubes. Yum.



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  1. And a quiet room and a good book.

  2. I love everything about this post.

    • I might go and make another one

      • BRB, making depth charge with Old Crow in a Genny cream ale to counter your budget drink of proper decisions.

      • Depth Charge of cheap decisions trip report: I just ruined a perfectly good Genesee and wasted a pony of my beloved Crow. It does, however, match the recording of street blues musician on diddly bo pretty well…

        • Well, if it makes you feel any better (or, possibly, if it gives you any ideas), if you substitute tequila blanco for the bourbon in my previous drink, it turns out just fantastically.

  3. Gary Griffin

    I grew up in Kentucky. Evan Williams and Old Forester are the best inexpensive bourbons in the store. But water is the only good mixer.