And… drumroll… 4000!!!!!!

Hello, this is you captain speaking, letting you know that this is post number 4,000 on this weblog. This post contains no content, much like at least 3,900 of the other posts on this weblog. If you look to your left you will see an archive of said posts, as well as a collection of categories. To your right you can see a list of other webloggers who have much more interesting things to say than me. Thank you for wasting your time with DEADMANDANCE blogways, we hope to serve you again the next time you are looking for weird music videos or dog pictures, with the occasional bit of gunnuttery.



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4 responses to “And… drumroll… 4000!!!!!!

  1. Doubletrouble

    At LEAST 3900 others…

  2. 3950? C’mon, cut me some slack here.

  3. Borepatch

    Well done. Pretty big milestone for a blog.