Marie the grey fluffy kitty, who has been been seen neither hide nor hair in the past two weeks, to much consternation, just showed up last night.  She seemed to be wondering why I didn’t have food out for her, since Ivan her brother ate all of his and I haven’t put out enough food for two cats in a week.

Cats, amirite?


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4 responses to “Yay!

  1. Ritchie

    Prodigal kitteh, yay! I just got adopted again myownself.


  2. kx59

    +1 on Ritchie’s comment. We got adopted recently as well.
    We’ve named him TC for tree cat which is where he originally showed up at the BAR Corp. HQ.
    Now we have 2.

    • We had a cat named BC who just showed up to stay, back when. BC, of course, stands for Black Cat, because, well, he was a black cat.