Doo do do doooo


Lots of overtime + 10% discount for being a loyal customer at my favorite fine liquor store + listening to the Alton Browncast where he interviews a bartender who specializes in weird bitters = a large purchase, shall we say.



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6 responses to “Doo do do doooo

  1. Make a Jungle Bird with the Campari!

  2. That was a pretty great episode of his podcast.

    • I’ve now listened to it 3 times, trying to get all the different things he talks about memorized.

      • I want to try them all! I love his podcast

        • Hard to see in that picture, but in addition to the Campari, there’s a bottle of Cocchi Americano and a bottle of Fernet made by a localish distillery.

          (Then of course there’s two bottles of my favorite gin, Citadelle, and some bulk rum and tequila in anticipation of some summer drinks, and a bottle of Amaretto for my mother, since she was out of it and it was mother’s day.)