The grass is green, the sun is shining…


You’d never guess that I’m standing here wearing a fleece jacket and a winter coat over it. Daggum Algore and his lying global warming…


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3 responses to “The grass is green, the sun is shining…

  1. There was snow on the ground Monday night.

    I think today was the warmest day so far this week, and everyone around me was still complaining about the cold.(Granted, I got to hang out on a nice warm roof…)

    • The roof! The roof! The roof is [rather warm but not because it’s] on fire!

      • Once upon a time, a red Nissan 350Z caught fire in a downtown metropolitan area.

        Nobody called the fire department, but a small crowd did gather around the vehicle and begin chanting, “The coup! The coup! The coup is on fire!”