I’m not a programmer, but

I’ve enough exposure to programming that I can empathize.

“You can’t restart the internet. Trillions of dollars depend on a rickety cobweb of unofficial agreements and “good enough for now” code with comments like “TODO: FIX THIS IT’S A REALLY DANGEROUS HACK BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG” that were written ten years ago. I haven’t even mentioned the legions of people attacking various parts of the internet for espionage and profit or because they’re bored. Ever heard of 4chan? 4chan might destroy your life and business because they decided they didn’t like you for an afternoon, and we don’t even worry about 4chan because another nuke doesn’t make that much difference in a nuclear winter.”

Seriously, every paragraph in that article is quotable. I think it’s something worth reading for everyone, to help you get an appreciation for how insane this foundation for our entire way of modern life is.

Hat tip to my brother, who originally sent it to me, and to Borepatch, for telling me to post it.


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7 responses to “I’m not a programmer, but

  1. I’m not a programmer, but I’ve done enough programming to know that “programming sucks.”

  2. Borepatch

    We have built the Infrastructure of the 21st Century out of moonbeams and cotton candy …

  3. Oh hey look, One of those programs is written in Ook!