Easy come easy go

Filed my taxes yesterday.

Good news: I get $200 back from the state of Colorado.

Bad news: I get to write a $700 check to the Federal Government.

Oh well, at least I wasn’t giving them an interest-free loan.


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2 responses to “Easy come easy go

  1. kx59

    Obviously you are one of the “Rich” that has a moral obligation to fund the welfare vunalbes.
    If it’s any consolation my check to the Gubmint will have more $$$ signs behind it.
    No, never mind.
    It sucks no matter where you are in the income strata.
    That’s me cussing in cartoon expletives.

    • Somewhere I read that if medieval peasants were taxed more than 10%, they woulda broke out the torches and pitchforks. Here I am, decidedly north of 20, and… nothing. We’re all wusses.