Those Merrels had an ok run, I guess, but I kind of abused them by using them for work, and a silly design flaw (the seam on the side of the boot) failed a while back which completely took away the whole “waterproof” thing. (As an aside, I find it very annoying that I seem to wear out boots while the tread still looks pristine. Shouldn’t that be the part that wears out the fastest?)

So this time I went and bought some real work boots, Wolverine something-or-anothers, from the old boot shop downtown.


More $$$ than the Merrels were last year, but I figure if I can get two years out of them I’ll still be out ahead. Next I need to get a new pair just for hiking.  With the insoles I bought with them (stupid high arches) they seem plenty comfy, and the bottom piece of leather is solid all the way around, so hopefully they won’t do this.  Time will tell, as they say.



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  1. I bought a second pair of real-leather alpine type boots as a backup to the first pair once I found they fit properly – two is one… The hot-weather combat-style are ok for most things, but not real rocks and all we have in the garden are RealRocks®.