I finally got around to reading Dune. Bought it from the used bookstore a while back, an ’80’s vintage copy that, from the name written inside the front cover, came from a guy in Alaska. It was an interesting story. I liked it, and stayed up wayyyy too late several nights reading it, but the whole time I kind of got the impression that Frank Herbert was on some sort of illicit substance when he wrote it. I’ve been wrong before, though. I kinda want to read the rest of them, but I’ve been told that they just get really weird and aren’t worth your time. *shrugs*



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  1. Quizikle

    1st sequel is OK, forget the rest.

  2. Butch Cassidy

    Hey, a book on the list to tackle, this year. It’s only been on my shelf for a year and a half…

  3. I started Dune about 4 times. Herbert just struggles to string a sentence together IMHO.

    Shame, I’ve watched all the movies, and the story and world-building is first rate!

  4. kx59

    Quizikle’s advice is good. Dune was a trilogy that turned into 5 books all told I think. I read 4. Mostly because I was a die hard sci fi junky. By the time I got to “Great Grandson of Dune” I’d had enough. 😉
    The further into the series you get the less new there is.
    I heard Frank Herbert note in an interview that he pinned notes over an entire wall to keep track of the multiple plot lines in the first book.
    I’ve watched several attempts by hole-e-wood to turn Dune into a Movie.
    They all suck horribly. There’s just no way to capture the Machiavellian machinations that drive so much of the plot.

  5. Dune is one of about four books I put down after one sitting and never regretted picking up again.