Just 5 more minutes, ma?

I got up and shoveled the walk, and now an hour later you can’t even tell where I went. The snowplow hasn’t been seen or heard from, and my mother called me after leaving for work (the school she’s at today is only a couple miles away) and said that this was the first time she’s ever been scared about the roads in her Subaru. Seriously thinking about calling my boss and claiming a snow day–or at least a snow [until the gorram snow stops and the road is cleared]. As I said yesterday, ever since I rolled my jeep I’ve been very unenthusiastic about driving in the snow, and right now this could probably safely be called a blizzard, at least anywhere that isn’t North Dakota.


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3 responses to “Just 5 more minutes, ma?

  1. Right after I pressed publish, the neighbor across the road went into the ditch. He’s a professor at the local University, and had to get to class. I went over to help him out, and the whole experience didn’t convince me that I desperately needed to go for a drive.

  2. kx59

    You rolled your jeep? how in the world did I miss that?
    Carve a wisdom notch in the knob of your shillelagh.
    Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes from failure.