Dear Republicans:

Assuming you do not totally fuck it up and stay the annoying gutless minority in 2014 (not out of the realm of possibilities), If you do not immediately take to removing and replacing the Obamacare “reform” in such a manner that does not at the very least involve allowing sales across state lines, you will never again get my vote except for very specific circumstances that probably won’t cross my county line.  Grow a fucking spine, or go to that big elephant graveyard in the sky and let someone who at least is slightly different than the Asses try something new.

With exactly as much respect as you deserve for all of your hard work,



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4 responses to “Manifesto

  1. I’ve noticed that I only cuss when talking about politics. Coincidence?

  2. Butch Cassidy

    And I want a pony, and a castle on a mountain, and to make a timed run on the Krag.

  3. kx59

    I could have not written it better.
    Sums up my opinion perfectly.