In relation to the last post:

Yeah, like that. Republicans, do a new ad like this every week and we’ll see how I feel about you come 2014. Now Is Not The Time To Play Nice.


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3 responses to “In relation to the last post:

  1. When dealing with Socialism, when is it ever the time to play nice?

    Scratch that. When, in ANY situation, is it EVER time to play nice?

    • If you’re a Republican, it’s time to play nice when reporters from the local fishwrap make fun of you.

      • They make fun of you because they know you won’t do anything to them.

        It is, ironically, the fact that Christians and Conservatives are naturally pacific and forgiving(our doctrines mandate that we must be so) that causes the world at large to level so much grief at us. If we were as hostile and dangerous as Atheists and Muslims, they wouldn’t dare.