I’m going as a grumpy engineer. I’ve got the mismatched plaid shirts and worn out cargo pants and everything!

In other words, I hate Halloween, always have, and chances aren’t looking good for my outlook improving. As the humor columnist in yesterday’s paper said: “Halloween is more popular than ever. Fitting too, in that it so perfectly represents the average American in 2013: frightening-looking people dressed in hideous garb–pretending to be something they’re not–going around demanding handouts.”



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7 responses to “Halloween

  1. Butch Cassidy

    Engineers really do hate fun

    • I don’t like dressing up in costumes, I don’t like talking to random strangers (let alone demanding tribute from them) and I don’t like candy (at least not the flavorless corn syrup “chocolate” of modern America). Trifecta of “Get off my lawn!”

  2. I was thinking that if I skip my shower this morning, I could probably pass as a hippie.

    Unfortunately, that would involve inflicting my un-showered self on everyone in nose-shot, and there’s a very good reason why I shower every morning.