I hear all about how horrible this so called “shutdown” is, but it turns out I’m still going to have to be fingered by the TSA on Friday when I fly up to MT for my old room mate’s wedding.

So I guess they’re right, this shutdown is going to be uncomfortable and inconvenient!



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  1. When polled, 54% of Americans preferred a government shutdown to Obamacare. House is acting in accordance with the wishes of the American public.
    In 1995-96, after the government shutdown, Congressional approval went up.
    Ted Cruz has promised to donate his salary for any days of shutdown to charity.
    Military will still get paid. Republicans made sure of that. We’re not barbarians.

    None of this should surprise you, but at least you can let other people know when they moan about the sky falling. IMO, a shutdown is the best thing that could possibly happen at this moment in time. I kind of hope it goes on long enough for the American people to realize just how much we *don’t* need the Federal government.