Geeky hobbies


Haven’t done this in a while…

How do you like my fancy tequila cork painting stand? Pretty swanky, eh?



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  1. Volfram

    Way fancier than anything I ever used. Nice painting job, too. I like the little red “warning” marker on the pressure guage. Also you managed to make him not look cross-eyed.

    • That’s always the trickiest part…

      • Volfram

        I always used to actually give my miniatures colored pupils.

        I compare painting miniatures to trying to write a letter on a legal pad with a paint roller.

        • By the way, just remembered this thread, and thought you might want to take a look at Ghool’s stuff:


          • Volfram

            I found a tutorial once that pretty much defined my technique for eyes. Contrary to the first video in that thread, I would NEVER save the eyes for last. The tutorial suggests you do them first, as it minimizes the chances of screwing the eyes up and having to redo the entire, incredibly beautiful and complicated, paint job.

            So the way I used to do it is first you paint the entire area white, like a negative raccoon. Then you take a dark brown and outline the eyes with that. Finally, as I described it…

            “You take your finest brush, and you get ONE bristle in the paint of the color you want to use for an iris, and you take that and you *pretend* to touch the eye.”

            If I ever go back into painting miniatures(really more of a “when”) I’ll have to try doing the style used in the video, even if I’ll pretty much be doing the whole thing in reverse order.

            And then there’s Ghool’s work. He’s clearly using some sort of witchcraft.

          • The craziest thing is that he doesn’t use small brushes…

  2. Never mind the art, I just want to know what happened to the “fancy” tequila?

    • Well, I’m not sure the tequila was that fancy, but it sure had a swell cork. Oh, and to answer the question, it’s looooong gone. Mmmmmm…