What if…

From now on, if I get the hankering to watch Star Wars, I’m just going to watch this guy’s prequels before getting to the originals. Episode 1 was ok, but 2 and 3 were just hours of whining followed by a big “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”


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  1. Volfram

    The Alderaan/Naboo combination is actually what they ended up doing in Darths and Droids, which both follows the originals more closely and deviates even further from this presentation. He makes an excellent point that the appearance of Alderaan in episodes 1-3(or lack thereof, specifically) kind of lends its destruction in Episode 4 a hint of the “Remember The New Guy” trope.

    Other than that, making Obi-Wan the protagonist of the prequels and replacing General Grievous with Darth Maul are WAY better.

    Making Dooku a tragic hero is also interesting.

    I would have loved this version.