I HOPE this will CHANGE


It was about $110 a month, going to $193, for the same $4000 deductible. That’s $1000 more per year. Now I’m looking into another plan with a $10000 deductible that’s 130-140 bucks a month, basically their cheapest plan.

Let me be perfectly clear: higher cost, less coverage… Obamacare.


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4 responses to “I HOPE this will CHANGE

  1. Volfram

    I saw a video on Obamacare this morning… actually, here it is: http://rare.us/story/new-video-points-out-obamacare-lies-versus-reality/

    The gist: we’re getting the Chinese knockoff version of Canadian health care, but it’ll cost us as if it was made by a cooperation between Swiss and German engineers.

    Literally the worst of all possible worlds.

  2. Ours went up by about the same amount back in January. And unfortunetly we’ve both got health problems that require regular visits to specialists, so we couldn’t drop to a cheaper plan….

  3. Sorry, but it’s not going to get any better either.