Good morning, Denver!


Now that this is all double plus ungood, I would like to remind you that none of it would be in my hands now if it weren’t for your idiotic dying on a hill for Bloomberg. That’s right, i had no intention of buying an AR-15, or 30 new evil, evil above-15-round magazines, or hundreds of more rounds of “assault weapon grade” ammo, or a bunch of locking storage that is now festooned with deliberately misleading stickers.

I hope you all collectively piss yourselves. Maybe there’d be enough liquid, then, to water your lawns so you would stop bitching about our water, too.

Fuck Denver.


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5 responses to “Good morning, Denver!

  1. Volfram

    Literally the only reason I don’t own one of those yet after this mess is because I don’t have the income for it.

    Also at the last gun shows I’ve been to, an SKS is cheaper.(I thought hard about this when selecting my final round of magazines. I decided I was more likely to own an SKS than an AR-15, and bought a pair of those.)

    I also would not have started looking into home gunsmithing. Ask the NSA if you don’t believe me.