One Small Step…


Only a slight amount of skidding across the surface involved. Now, do I leave them there in hopes of making a Mun base, or attempt to get them home on a questionable fuel supply…


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4 responses to “One Small Step…

  1. Volfram

    One thing I’ve thought about(for when I get the full version) is making a “gas station” in orbit somewhere between 100km and 250km which is basically just loads and loads of liquid fuel tanks, send up fuel tankers periodically, and then smaller stuff can take off with less fuel to leave the planet.

    Maybe with a few “taxi” craft semi-perma-docked.

    Should make rescue missions easier.

    • Yeah, I was trying to do that, but decided to go straight for the grand project first…

      I guess some fuel tanks to my moon space station are in order.

  2. Butch Cassidy

    Bah, just mine for helium-3.