Fun with spam

I went to the stylish beach.
I found a sea shell and said
“You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
She placed the shell to her ear
and screamed.
i am following you.
I like what I see
I am really grateful

this time


so how are you?
in poor health undoubtedly
you command everybody
come further

you wish.


you shield this hike inside
just a hermit crab inside
a lot of shakiness


This paragraph
posted at
this website
in fact



Cut and pasted and mixed and matched several spam comments in various ways to get these. No typing was done on my part, only sorting words and punctuation that was already there. I especially like the first one… it’s creepy.


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2 responses to “Fun with spam

  1. kx59

    creepy is exactly the word I’d use, and yet somehow strangely, poetic.