Gun Blegging

So far all of my efforts to find anything besides a lever action or a $2000 shotgun are fruitless. Even some mild attempts online. So my question to any readers: should I

1) keep on keeping on and not give up on my list of gun wants


2) maybe instead of a gun get some lasergrips for my 642


3) look at upgrading my optics on the ORC to a “real” Eotech or Aimpoint red dot instead of the cheaper Vortex (which I still have no problems with, truth be told)


4) None of the above. Make a suggestion.



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8 responses to “Gun Blegging

  1. Butch Cassidy

    You aren’t kicking down doors with the ORC in hand, so you may as well run the Vortex until it explodes to be honest. And a few hundred bucks seems a bit much for grips that will make the revolver bulkier while adding debatable utility and may not feel good unless you can try a demo set first.

    I suggest that this is a fine time to start a little collection of single malt, or a nice tripod for the camera, or a decent moped to ship to a buddy in NH, or order that Cav-15 lower you were considering since they ship in a few days and have a lower in hand before legislation to go with those Pmags, or finish setting up to re-load since 308 is pretty much extinct and even more hilariously expensive than usual (crap, components are gone, nevermind).

    • Stripped or with the springs n’ things?

      • Butch Cassidy

        Black “populated lowers” in-stock:!/~/product/category=3143314&id=18630832

        And I was happy with them when I got my stripped lower and my FFL was surprised how quickly they sent it to him after he faxed them his info.

        • Butch Cassidy

          Do I need to put a disclaimer in a comments section to please whatever alphabet soup agency cares about such things? If so, they can bite me.

        • Well, I’ve got a couple more shops that I can check in town without going full pawnshop, but that is looking like an option for sure.

          I just don’t really want an AR15 right now. Sigh. Stupid lawmakers screwing with my schedule.

        • Oh and you’re right–I would get one of these just to piss off all the people on the gun forums. It’s kinda hilarious how hated they seem to be!

          • Butch Cassidy

            Yeah, mine was a “no, screw YOU” purchase on general principle to build in to something quality but simple enough to piss of the gear dorks. I honestly see it becoming my bedside gun. It is pretty light even with Aimpoint so far and a Surefire on a simple mount should make it a handy little general purpose carbine.

          • And you may have just sold me on the idea.