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“Y’know, it would be paranoid to suggest that Feinstein, et. al. want you disarmed before the bottom drops out […] but it sure is interesting how Congress has had all manner of free time to spend plotting and attempting to justify infringing a fundamental, Constitutionally-protected right with the sequester rising up before them like a tidal wave. Priorities send a message. What does theirs tell you?”

Damn, I am really wishing I had picked up more of those LR20’s back when I could find them.



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2 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. kx59

    Obummer is trying really hard to create a crisis not to be wasted. Even releasing criminal illegal aliens in advance of the budget cuts, to show how devastating the budget cuts will be. The sequester represents 1% of the federal annual budget and his scare tactics are falling apart rapidly. He lost libtard Bob Woodtard yesterday when Woodtard called him out on the sequester scare tactic, and his minion threatened the mighty tard that brought down Nixon. Woodtard went on the teewee to call obummer’s bluff.
    Pass the popcorn.

    • In a meeting yesterday with the USGS about one of our projects. They have a preliminary plan, but would commit because of the sequestration. I wanted to say to him “A 2% cut will hurt this little project that much?” But wisely kept my mouth shut. Doesn’t do to antagonize the people who control your permits.