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As you hopefully know, there is always some little possibility of finding a chink in the armor. In light of that, my friend the history major, who is heavily active in Colorado state politics (he actually worked for a Republican senator in the last congress) and who has lots of contacts in Denver and a slightly different inside view perspective on things, wrote up a little strategy guide for who to contact, who to flood with phone calls. With his permission, I’m sharing it here:

As the gun debate switches to the Colorado State Senate our focus should be on trying to get three Democratic senators to defect. I have broken down the potential targets into three groups. We must keep up the barrage not only on them, but Governor Hickenlooper as well. In include this explanation in case this gets into the hands of someone else and they think I am planning harm against these people. This is intended to be a guide for political action and feedback, not violence. It is to add pressure to these public servants to let them know that if they ignore us there will be electoral consequences.
Top Priority Targets
Lois Tochtrop (D-Adams) 303-866-4863
Stated public sympathy for 2nd Amendment rights and has also stated some doubts about some of the legislation being proposed. Term limited.
Cheri Jahn (D-Jefferson) 303-866-4856
Senator Jahn is a Democrat who has traditionally been sympathetic to 2nd Amendment rights. She represents suburban Denver and is up for reelection in 2014.
Secondary Targets
John Morse (D-El Paso) 303-866-6364
Already publicly stated that he does not believe measures will reduce gun violence. The President of the Senate who is not going to vote against, but he cannot afford to ignore an overwhelming response.
John Kefalas (D-Larimer) 303-866-4841
Dedicated public servant to Health issues, Senator Kefalas leans towards gun prohibition. He is a freshman, but if you make the appeal that the measures now proposed are symbolic measures and that we need to focus on mental health issues, that might sway him.
Gail Schwartz (D-Gunnison) 303-866-4871
Majority Whip, Liberal, but unpredictable. Senator Schwartz represents a rural district and has just survived a bruising campaign. Overwhelming her with responses may get her to jump.
Contact Them
Jessie Ulibarri (D-Adams) 303-866-4857
Aurora is in Adams County so do not hope to get him on your side. As a freshman though he could be impressionable and he has shown a tendency to work with House Republicans on bills. Contact him, but do not hold out hope.
Morgan Carroll (D-Arapahoe) 303-866-4879
Liberal as the day is long, but she is rumored to be eying a run at Mike Coffman’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. She is the Majority Leader and her defection would mean a lot. Bombard her with responses at the very least so that she cannot make the argument that this is the work of the “gun lobby.”
Also contact Senator Steve King. Give him enough feedback to go up there and speak for us.
The list will evolve as the debate rages in the Senate.

Steve King is my local Senator, which is why he’s on the list there at the end.  I’ve already heard back from him, he replied this:

Thank you for your email and concerns in reference the gun control debate.  I do not know how those many debates will turn out during this long legislative session.  I can promise you this, I will do everything in my power to stand up for your 2nd amendment right.  I will fight the good fight.
Thank you for your time and support,
I need to send him an encouraging thank you next, I think.
Please, pass this along, either by copying and pasting, or directly linking to this post.  I’m going to email it to some other Colorado bloggers I know, but I really don’t know that many.  If we can focus on the Senators that are term limited and so have nothing to loose,  appeal to the ones who are already in politically weak situations, or just hope to beat in some common sense to senators who seem more sensible than the rest, we may still be able to stop this before it gets really yucky.  We only need three Democrat senators to jump.  Just three.

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