The Stupidity of Magazine Limits (with handy reference photos!)

I own a Springfield XD9 SC. I personally think it’s a fine gun, and have never had any issues with it. But before you jump on me and yell at me for not owning any Glock Perfection, that’s not what I came here to talk about today–today I am here to talk about magazine size. According to the Democrats in my state congress, 10–no wait, we mean 15 now!–is the scary limit to how many rounds you can have in a magazine. Conveniently enough, my XD comes with 13 round magazines and 17 round magazines. So in Colorado Democrat Math™, the following configuration is fine:

13+13+1 (that is, 13 rounds in the magazine in the gun, 13 rounds in the other magazine that you might carry in a specialized holster or even just your pocket, and 1 round in the chamber of the gun itself) for a total of 27 “fun plinking” rounds.

This next configuration, however, is only meant for spraying death through schools:

17+1 (that is 17 rounds in the magazine, 1 round in the chamber) for a total of 18 “cop killing” rounds.

Does my math check out?

Is any of that right to you?



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2 responses to “The Stupidity of Magazine Limits (with handy reference photos!)

  1. Bend over and think of Eng…err…compromise. For the children.