For those of you interested in the status of Colorado

Publicola has the rundown on what’s going on. I, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, live as far away from Denver (geographically and politically) as it is possible to get and not be in Utah. This means that all of my local reps are Repubs, which is nice, but it also means I can’t threaten any democrats with my vote. If I had my way anything west of Vail and east of Canyonlands would be its own state, but as it is I get to be pushed around by a bunch of Californians who moved to the “mountains” and then tried to make it exactly like home.



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5 responses to “For those of you interested in the status of Colorado

  1. I thought Publica stopped blogging? Why does no one tell me these things?

  2. kx59

    Interested? Yes. As one goes, so shall we all go. I’m seeing lots of blue state license plates these days. People who are moving to Texas because they’ve fouled their own nest with their socialist utopian dreams and it’s become unlivable. Never hesitate to post up the local goings on where you are. The national media will spin it.
    Darth Biden? That made me laugh my ass off. I wish I was skilled at photo shop or gimp. I’d so like to make an image of obama as the the evil emperor and a biden vader.

    • That sounds a lot like the stories I hear of Colorado in the 70’s. You don’t see any of the “Don’t Californicate Colorado” bumper stickers like I’ve heard of from back then, anyway.

  3. Those Kalifonions did that to Oregon 50 years ago. Now I can’t go home, evermore.