Deaf ears, I’m sure

But I had to try…  this is the message I just left at Governor Hickenlooper’s website:

Anti-gun legislation does not prevent tragedies, and only hurts the law-abiding.

Please do not penalize Colorado’s law-abiding gun owners. I urge you to NOT support any of these anti-gun bills (HB-1224, HB-226, HB-1228 & HB-1229).  Any time legislation like this is rushed through without respect to the normal process, more harm is done to society than good.  Is  punishing MAGPUL, a tax paying Colorado company with hundreds of employees, and a company who has said that they will not stay in state if this legislation is passed, a move that best for all?  Is preventing law abiding concealed carry permit holders from walking through one of our beautiful college campuses right, when the rate of criminal acts done by such people is lower than the general population?  Is making a person a felon for letting his friend try out his new .22 plinker for the afternoon without paying for a background check anything but hurtful?  Governor Hickenlooper, I have been very happy with your performance on the economic issues our state has to deal with, and I urge you to consider the political damage supporting these bills will do to you and your party.

Straight into the trash bin, you think?


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