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Boulder Airlift

Magpul has set up it’s system to get CO residents fast tracked for Pmags.

I am planning on putting in an order for whatever I can get (even if it is only for .223 magazines despite me not owning an AR15) for posterity, and because I think anything that pisses off politicians should be supported.

If you’re a Coloradan or know any, pass it on.


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Quote of the Day


“Y’know, it would be paranoid to suggest that Feinstein, et. al. want you disarmed before the bottom drops out […] but it sure is interesting how Congress has had all manner of free time to spend plotting and attempting to justify infringing a fundamental, Constitutionally-protected right with the sequester rising up before them like a tidal wave. Priorities send a message. What does theirs tell you?”

Damn, I am really wishing I had picked up more of those LR20’s back when I could find them.


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For JayG’s 308th Friday Gun Pr0n, he’s taking entries. Just thought I would plug it, since I sent him a pic.


Boy, I sure am glad I got those Pmags while I could. Sad that I didn’t get that many, though.


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Background Music

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Hangin’ in the wind


When you can do that without any effort to your pants, it’s probably time to retire them. Wouldn’t be proper to have one of the holes catch on something and rip a leg off on accident in public… Still, that was probably a good 6 years of service, which I guess isn’t too bad.


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Sorry about all the puppy pictures lately, but she’s just… so… cute


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Overheard (without context)

“I’m here to do the dishes; no more singing puppets!”


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When does 20% equal 100%?


Last night, apparently.

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26.3 lbs


According to the vet’s scale. 26 pounds without the cornbread from last weekend and the eggs she knocked off the table this morning, probably.


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Here Butch

Beretta is threatening to move it’s Maryland plant because of the anti-gun climate there. Maybe you could get them to move to New Hamster?

(seen first at Behind the Black)


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Quote of the “Sequestration”

From Adaptive Curmudgeon:

“Sequestration implies that we cannot make wise decisions about debt so we must make unwise decisions about debt.”

I don’t think anyone anywhere can sum it up better than that.

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Taxes filed. I should be getting enough back to… actually, it isn’t that much. Maybe a good start on a new revolver? Oh well.

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Broken Spirit


They don’t let me do anything fun. I can’t find socks from the laundry basket, or jump up on the table, or get hamburger off the counter, or anything…


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If you are looking to listen to a good selection of Electro-swing, Pandora does a much better job at it than Slacker. Just start a station with Caravan Palace and you’re golden.

I wonder if my boss is wondering why I can’t sit still over here with my headphones on…

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