Gun buyback


Tell me what’s wrong with that blurb. The associated press is, like, so totally smart.



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10 responses to “Gun buyback

  1. What can I get for a twelve guage Derringer, I wonder?

    • Not as much as you could if you just stood in front of a gun store, I bet. I doubt anyone is even paying attention to rust right now…

  2. I own several of those 22 shotguns, doesn’t everyone?

  3. Farm.Dad

    Remington and others made smoothbore .22lr ” shotguns ” for years , they are out there just not common . I really don’t think that the article is talking about one , but did wish to point out they do exist before everyone runs off too far on the meme

  4. Doubletrouble

    Yeah, what FarmDad said. The Remington 572 smoothbore is somewhat of a collectors piece.
    But, I’m sure that’s not what those loonies meant.

  5. At $200 for a handgun, I am tempted to start buying used Hi-Points…Oh…Working. Nevermind.

  6. ASM826

    That anyone would turn in a working firearm?