You know what the saddest part of mass shootings in general is? The way that the news media goes into blood-dancing overdrive just turns me off from caring about them at all. And when you’re dealing with another 26 deaths, many of them elementary school children, that is something very sad indeed.



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2 responses to “Tragedies

  1. Like I said on another blog- we need a seven day “cooling-off period” before the MSM can even put an opinion out on something like this.

    Hey! If it works for the Second Amdmt, it should work for the First.


  2. kx59

    I tried to pen a post about the Connecticut shootings last night and just couldn’t do it. Too many conflicting thoughts. The worst of which was all those defenseless 6 and 7 year olds being gunned down.
    I like Kurt P’s thought. In addition, if the MSM would vilify the perpetrator and shun him instead of identifying the gun as the cause and delving into the criminal as victim meme, this chain reaction of copy cat incidents would stop. Wishful thinking, I know.
    I say arm the Teachers and make tactical handgun training required for continued employment. Obviously the state laws prohibiting guns in schools are not working.