Three Years Running. Crap.

Just realized that I’ve been running a blog called Deadmandance, either here or on blogspot, for three years as of this past Tuesday. And dammit I expect someone to send me a cupcake, or at least a congratulations this year, since last year I got nothing. Nothing, I say.

Three years. Yikes. That’s 2,890 posts or so, assuming my count is somewhat accurate, or about two and a half per day, on average.

Maybe instead of a cupcake I should ask for an intervention…


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3 responses to “Three Years Running. Crap.

  1. Ok, ok, a couple of you did congratulate me last year but my rampant ego clogged up my memory and says it wasn’t enough!!

  2. kx59

    behind the curve as usual, but happy blogiversary anyway!