Quotes of the Day

Adaptive Curmudgeon:

“Here’s a hint for future criminals; when you pick the wrong victim and he beats the crap out of you and takes your gun… you can either cringe or try to run but don’t ever try paperwork. CCWs are for law abiding people and not swine.”

Some people deserve everything they get. Sometimes that involves having their gun handed back to them at 40 mph.

And Ed:

“If the GOP wanted to fix things, they’d be doing it. The fact that they are not indicates that they’re happy with the status quo. If they won’t stand up to Democrats, what’s the point of having them in office anyway? If they’re going to give the Democrats amnesty for illegals, huge tax hikes, no spending cuts, ever-greater incursions on our freedoms–if they’re just going to let Democrats have their way, why are we even bothering to elect Republicans?”


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