So I finally decided to set up the trap


And caught Marie within 20 seconds. Sigh. The coon infestation might be tougher to trap than I was hoping…



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4 responses to “So I finally decided to set up the trap

  1. Hat Trick

    If the raccoons are not denning close to your house take a look around and you’ll likely find a single well used trail that they use to approach and leave. Set your trap along that trail as far from the house as you can. If the trail passes close to water a cat resistent set I found useful was to wrap the pan of a leg-hold trap and set it in the water so that the moonlight will reflect from it to the critter point of view on the bank.
    If you’re using a cage trap to release them haul them at least fifty miles or they’ll show up again. I have a friend who did nuisance animal control. He had a client who insisted that he trap and release. Even though he hauled the raccoons fifteen miles away he swears he trapped the same critter three times for that client.

    • They are in the canal next to the house, and I saw some scratching around the chicken coop. Last year I just shot them in the trap; not too sporting, I know, but when I’m dealing with my chickens all bets are off.

  2. I’ll bet Marie was plenty POed about that! After you catch her a couple of times she should avoid the trap then you can catch the coons, or skunks, or possums.

    • I let her stew for a minute and then let her out, and haven’t had any other problems with her yet. At least, not with the trap. There was that little bit with the crawlspace under the house today, but that’s neither here nor there…