A Small Ranty Review on Windshield Wipers

So I am slightly OCD about by windshield. I don’t like dust or splotches on it, and so I run my windshield spray every time I get in my truck. Because of this, a while back I splurged on a set of the fancy windshield wipers, the kind that are one solid bar instead of the spring frame, and have “graphite coating” and all sorts of “features,” such as the much touted “work great in the ice and snow!” They worked ok, I guess, though the passenger side one didn’t touch the windshield at the very end of the wiper when in the off position. They worked ok, that is, until the first time I hit ice and snow. Then they went straight from “graphite coated rubber” to “you’d be better off with a wet sock.” And they stayed that way, even when there was no ice or snow or even cold involved. Spend twice as much money, get half as much return? No thanks. I have since upgraded back to the cheapest traditional metal springy kind, and I won’t be returning. Sure, I know they’ll only last a few months, but at least they’ll work, dammit.



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6 responses to “A Small Ranty Review on Windshield Wipers

  1. I’ve never had better luck with fancy wipers over standard. That is to say, “I have no luck with wipers.”

  2. I got in the habit of rotating my wipers while I was doing OTR flatbed driving.
    I keep am extra new wiper in all the vehicles now. When the drivers side starts getting streaky, I put the new one on and move the ex-drivers wiper to the passenger side.
    Always have two almost new wipers for the price of one.

    • That is not a bad idea. I was also thinking of just signing up for the amazon prime subscription for them and just get a pair delivered every 3 months.