Gonna be great.

Going off to my Uncle’s for the annual huge community thanksgiving party of DOOM. Er wait, I mean, of FOOD. I know there is always ham and prime rib; it remains to be seen whether or not the turkey is deep fried like last year, or done the traditional “oven dehydrated” way. Not to mention fresh grown sweet potatoes, various cranberry dishes, and, at least I hope, multiple pies. This year I guess we’re expecting around 30 people–including a bunch of folks from Louisiana. Hopefully they will bring copious amounts of their bread pudding (50% butter, 25% rum, and the rest is filler). Maybe I’ll be conscious long enough to post something else today, but I doubt it.

Oh, and I guess I owe you a song or something, to keep my streak going. Uh… uh… sure, this works:

(Turkey, get it? TURKEY? Oh I kill myself.)



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4 responses to “Gonna be great.

  1. kx59

    Happy Thanksgiving Bluesun

  2. Wilson

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!