End of an Era

Well, the little Droid X has served me well these past two years, but of late has been getting buggier and buggier. An artifact of the fact that it’s essentially a computer that gets banged around in your pocket all day and that Motorola apparently believes in NEVER EVER UPDATING it’s phones (seriously, it is still on Android 2.3.something, I think, when the main release is up to 4.2). Being two years old, it means that I am eligible for an upgrade, and being that yesterday the 4G in my town kicked in, I decided to wander through the cellular store and wound up walking out with a shiny white Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s… shiny and white, and, not practically bigger than the Droid X, is thinner and slickery-er, meaning I will probably be investing in some sort of case since I foresee it slipping out of my grasp must more often than the X, which had a nice thick part to grab on to and a sticky rubber coating. I’ve already got my Google Reader and WordPress apps loaded on, and am impressed with it’s camera much more than the X’s.

Anyway, this probably doesn’t mean anything to you, the reader (though maybe you’ll notice an increase in picture quality around here), but you know what, I like to talk about the neat little things I buy, so there.



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2 responses to “End of an Era

  1. Stephen

    I dread the day when I must hand over my Blackberry…it’ll probably take me a year to learn a new system. Sigh.

    • I could never figure out how to use a blackberry, and think that Android is pretty easy. Though you could take heart knowing that RIM is still making blackberries, and just released a new OS.