You know what?

I was about to write something really ranty, but if you go to Kevin’s and watch Bill Whittle latest, you’ll get the same message but without being personally insulted over and over by something that eventually devolves into a string of repetitive, unimaginative, CAPS LOCKED, colorful metaphors.

(If you still want some of that, just start saying something in the comments all-inclusively about “All those states that voted for Obama are full of traitors” or “All those kids these days are all gibbering idiots.” More likely than not you’ll get a reply along the lines of “All you old people don’t know anything about consequences of their actions and they’re all going to conveniently die just in time for it all to be MY problem.” There, did you like that? Oh, OF COURSE I didn’t mean YOU you. I meant that OTHER you. Riiiight. Just keep telling yourself that. It’s pretty much the only way I can stay sane while trolling these conservative weblog waters.)


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4 responses to “You know what?

  1. Butch Cassidy

    You mean people can disagree with your own politics? And I had been lynching the bastards all these years…Now what will I use for Christmas tree decorations if I can’t hang me a traitorous health-care reformist?

    • And I’m now going to view you with much suspicion because you live MUCH closer to Blue Massachusetts than I do to Blue Denver. What are you, some sort of Commie to be living so close to Those People?

  2. Butch Cassidy

    Hey man, don’t look at me, it is those lazy shits who refuse to even vote that caused this: