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For KX59


BAM! The movie of choice in 1998! And the poster is still up on my wall after all those years… next to my Star Wars Podracer poster, and my map of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and one wall over from my US presidents (up to Jimmy Carter) poster, and across from the glued together Totoro puzzle and 1997 Denver Broncos AFC Champions pennant…


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blusesun’s current drink of choice

A goodly amount of cheap rum.
Some cheap cherry schnapps, enough to color it red, at least.
A good wedge of lime.

Like a cherry limeade, but stronger!


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How’s that for homemade Christmas presents?


Chili powder from some of those poblanos I grew this summer.


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Quotes of the Day

Adaptive Curmudgeon:

“Here’s a hint for future criminals; when you pick the wrong victim and he beats the crap out of you and takes your gun… you can either cringe or try to run but don’t ever try paperwork. CCWs are for law abiding people and not swine.”

Some people deserve everything they get. Sometimes that involves having their gun handed back to them at 40 mph.

And Ed:

“If the GOP wanted to fix things, they’d be doing it. The fact that they are not indicates that they’re happy with the status quo. If they won’t stand up to Democrats, what’s the point of having them in office anyway? If they’re going to give the Democrats amnesty for illegals, huge tax hikes, no spending cuts, ever-greater incursions on our freedoms–if they’re just going to let Democrats have their way, why are we even bothering to elect Republicans?”


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I give you…

THE CALVIN AND HOBBES SEARCH ENGINE! Type in a phrase, or word, and it will spit out a listing of all the Calvin and Hobbes comics that contained said words!

Such magnificence hasn’t been seen, and, I fear, will not be seen again into the far future…


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Experiment successful


So far, at least. There’s lettuce, kale, and one beet. No doubt all helped along by the fact that so far winter hasn’t really shown up yet. We’ll see if they can keep our up long enough to last into the cold dark months…


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Quote of the day

New Jovian Thunderbolt:

“You Glock afficiandos need to get with the times.  Upgrade your gatt to something modern that wasn’t designed in the age of bell bottoms and leaded gasoline.  It’s an Old Fogey platform.”

Turnabout is fairplay!

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Yep. I’m crazy.

Told the breeder I’d take a puppy.  Since there’s only two other dogs, two cats, and 8 chickens around here, and I was feeling an overabundance of money and free time, apparently.


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Trentemøller: The Very Last Resort

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So I finally decided to set up the trap


And caught Marie within 20 seconds. Sigh. The coon infestation might be tougher to trap than I was hoping…


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A Small Ranty Review on Windshield Wipers

So I am slightly OCD about by windshield. I don’t like dust or splotches on it, and so I run my windshield spray every time I get in my truck. Because of this, a while back I splurged on a set of the fancy windshield wipers, the kind that are one solid bar instead of the spring frame, and have “graphite coating” and all sorts of “features,” such as the much touted “work great in the ice and snow!” They worked ok, I guess, though the passenger side one didn’t touch the windshield at the very end of the wiper when in the off position. They worked ok, that is, until the first time I hit ice and snow. Then they went straight from “graphite coated rubber” to “you’d be better off with a wet sock.” And they stayed that way, even when there was no ice or snow or even cold involved. Spend twice as much money, get half as much return? No thanks. I have since upgraded back to the cheapest traditional metal springy kind, and I won’t be returning. Sure, I know they’ll only last a few months, but at least they’ll work, dammit.


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I see nothing wrong with this.

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I wonder how they got that up there?



November 27, 2012 · 18:57