I filled in that last dot on my ballot.

It was for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

With all the latest coming out from Libya, adding on top of Fast and Furious, not to mention every other “little (impeachable if it were a Republican) gaffe” the current administration has been involved in for the past few years, anyone who is able to see beyond the end of their donkey nose or elephant trunk can see that there is not just incompetence here, and not just evil, but incompetent evil. I don’t like Romney one whit, and I don’t think he’ll do anything different when it comes to bigbiggerbiggest government, but right now, and I can’t believe it as I type this, he is the most effective weapon I have against it. Then, in four years, I can vote for Hillary when Romney starts drone attacks on American citizens on continental American soil (and if you don’t think that’s a real possibility, I have some radioactive farmland to sell you).

My pragmatic cynicism has won against my apathetic cynicism here. The robot/alien/zombie wars can’t happen soon enough.



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6 responses to “I filled in that last dot on my ballot.

  1. Butch Cassidy

    They’ll put the robots down quickly:

    And Romney can still go *everything I can think to type should really be redacted. Insert incoherent rant here* I’m ticking the L box at best.

  2. They can all go fuck themselves with a rusty fork. But I can only make them do it one at a time.

  3. doubletrouble

    Thanks for being a rational person about this.
    AND, your argument is valid, but baby steps in the right direction are better than sticking one’s head in the sand.

    • I’m not sold on the whole “right direction” thing, but I’ll settle for “not immediately and overtly evil.”

    • Butch Cassidy

      Having watched Romney run the Volksrepublic, I can’t vote for the bastard. And as much as I dislike the exact details of the Fair Tax, I would sooner vote for a libertarian than add my name to the “Mass. for the rest of us” ticket.

      Where did my wife hide the whisky? I need to wash this bitter taste out of my mouth.