what is this i don’t even

There was an article in the newspaper that explained that Antarctic sea ice is increasing is because of two things. 1) Global Warming, and 2) The ozone hole. Yes, it actually blamed the increase of sea ice on the ozone hole.


I thought we stopped caring about O3 fifteen years ago, about the time, say, that OMGLOBALWARMING became the trendy thing to kill us all. Guess it’s 90’s retro, now, like all the neon clothes going around.


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  1. I blame the Jamaicans. They obviously want the ice to creep down to them so they can carve water slides out of the ice.

    • bluesun

      Or, I was watching Rick Steves Europe last night (ANYTHING BUT THE VP DEBATES) and he was visiting a glacier in the Alps. The story was told that in the 1600’s, this glacier was big enough that it was threatening the town, so they brought in a priest to exorcize it, and ever since the glacier has been getting smaller. I can now blame the people of 17th century Switzerland and the Catholic Church for global warming.

  2. The hell of it is, the ozone hole was discovered in 1956, explained, and forgotten about until the 1980s.

    If you look at the unadjustered and non-fiddleated data, you see that the ozone hole has recurred every year that we’ve been able to measure the thickness of the ozone hole, the magnitude of the thinning has been consistent, and it has recovered every single year.