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Looks like the canal is about done for the year…



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On the Disney/George Lucas thing

My immediate thought was “Oh good, that means the next three Star Wars movies will be watchable.” My next thought was “Oh good, that means Indiana Jones 5 will be watchable.”

Can you tell that my heart isn’t broken by a favorite iconic artist being bought out by a faceless corporation? Ol’ George shoulda sold it all years ago. As my friend the history major always says when we talk about it, “George Lucas is the one guy who can’t be trusted with his own legacy.” At least Disney is concerned about making entertaining movies, instead of just making carriers for geegaw special effects.

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Reaping the rewards


Well, after spending all of Sunday afternoon cooking down all of those pumpkins from the garden (and portioning into 11 cup-and-a-half bags… the amount you need for a pie in case you were wondering), it was only right to mix it up with some sugar and spice… pumpkin pie counts as a vegetable, right? Right? No comment on the cool whip, and no comment on whether or not I had some for breakfast…

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Some Soviet Electronica

Because I don’t give a crap about Halloween, so you don’t get anything topical.

I don’t know, I feel like making some sort of lame “in Soviet Russia…” joke here.


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Are you kidding me?


A whole gorram magazine? “New economic patriotism?” What. The. Hell.


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Yes Please.

Romney putting Eric Holder in a Mexican prison? Probably a pipe dream, but…

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What would happen if Calvinball was codified

This is the coolest music video I’ve seen since Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia.” Baseball, football, lacrosse, motorbikes, hockey, and I’m pretty sure there was some rugby–all on top of a cheesy 80’s vision of a post apocalyptic future… yeah.

Added: dagnabbit, there was some sort of issue with the first one, it was an entire playlist. If you look at it now, it’s the one video I was talking about.

Oh, and I’ve now watched the video 3 times in a row. It’s still cool.

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This is why the terrorists hate us.

What do muslim extremists do to raise money for the volunteer fire department? OH WAIT. The only way they know how to put the words “volunteer” and “fire” in the same sentence would involve me saying in a spanish accent “You keep using those words, I do not think they mean what you think they mean,” rather than people getting together on their own free time to run into flaming buildings to save lives.

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This is why the terrorists hate us

1/36 scale LEGO B-52’s.

Need I say more?

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This is why the terrorists hate us

Because you can’t skydive in a spacesuit if you’re wearing a tablecloth on your head.

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I filled in that last dot on my ballot.

It was for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

With all the latest coming out from Libya, adding on top of Fast and Furious, not to mention every other “little (impeachable if it were a Republican) gaffe” the current administration has been involved in for the past few years, anyone who is able to see beyond the end of their donkey nose or elephant trunk can see that there is not just incompetence here, and not just evil, but incompetent evil. I don’t like Romney one whit, and I don’t think he’ll do anything different when it comes to bigbiggerbiggest government, but right now, and I can’t believe it as I type this, he is the most effective weapon I have against it. Then, in four years, I can vote for Hillary when Romney starts drone attacks on American citizens on continental American soil (and if you don’t think that’s a real possibility, I have some radioactive farmland to sell you).

My pragmatic cynicism has won against my apathetic cynicism here. The robot/alien/zombie wars can’t happen soon enough.


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Tractor pull


In it to win it…

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October 27, 2012 · 12:04

For today’s entertainment

Goin’ punkin’ chunkin’.

Though I’m sure that our version isn’t going to involve nearly so much safety equipment, and there will be a tractor pull going on at the same time.

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