So attentive readers will remember me talking about leaving my Henry’s magazine tube at home when I went on vacation in Montana, relegating me to single-shot status. At the time I thought I knew where it was, but when I got back to Colorado, it was nowhere to be found. So, thinking about all the places the gun had been, I figured I must have left it at my grandpa’s or uncle’s place way back the last time that Mr. R visited. So when we were (briefly) down there last weekend before my mother’s shenanigans requiring X-ray machines, I asked around–and no one had seen any 22 caliber brass tubes, Made In America or otherwise. Having a hunch about the last time I had seen it, I asked my uncle to check his little runaround (front end a top-chopped Dodge Neon, rear end 80’s Toyota pickup, painted Allis-Chalmers orange–great fun!), and there it was, under the seat. Caked with dirt and dog hair, and with rust coating all the steel parts. Brought it home and cleaned it up a bit, and it doesn’t seem the worse for wear, besides the pitting on the steel knob and some discoloration on the brass in a few places. We’ll see how it shoots the next time I take it out, I guess, but for now I’m just glad I have it again, and it’s out of the rain!

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  1. You lost a two foot brass mag tube under the seat of a post-apocalyptic Mad Max fantasy car?

    1. I am going to need pictures of this car.

    2. i think you broke my brain.