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Since I’m gearing up for participation in a wedding



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An interesting vid

About the “power of photography.” Though it’s more about photojournalism than just straight “good photos.”

Found at DPS, as I usually do with these photo things.

And with that, it’s about time to pack up and head for Denver.

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Ugh… campaign season…

When you get four or five calls a night asking about the “upcoming elections,” even not answering gets old. Sometimes I just like to screw with them.

Hey, at least it ties up their lines for a while…


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What a selection I’ve found for you this week, if I do say so myself!

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Random Food

It was supper last night. Grilled chicken with grilled chilies and bleu cheese sauce.

It was good. And because I know someone will ask, the sauce had plain yogurt, cream cheese, and bleu cheese in it, and no, I can’t remember the proportions.


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To all you drivers of small, fuel efficient cars

Do you realize exactly how much of an idiot you look when you follow me so close I can’t even see you in the mirrors of my big evil pickup truck? I bet your car will get even better gas mileage when your radiator has a big hole punched in it from my trailer hitch and you’re stranded on the side of the road with a angry yet befuddled look on your face.  Meanwhile I won’t even notice that you’ve rear ended me and keep on my merry way.

Cheerfully yours, and please die screaming in a fire (without involving me or my insurance),



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Okay, one more

One more off the new Muse album (can you tell I’m excited?)

Apparently this one was the official song or something of the London Olympics. If I had know Muse had done something for it I would have payed attention to more than the 0% that I did! Rats!

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Goin’ to the chapel…

Well, as I kinda mentioned in passing a while back when talking about getting fitted for a tux, one of my best friends from the time I was born (our mothers were in the maternity ward together…) is getting married this weekend. So don’t be surprised if there’s a couple sappy love songs or something as I try to psych myself up for it. Or more completely random songs as I try to not dwell on having to attempt to dance.


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Something a little different

Have some Mongolian music (at least, I think it’s Mongolian. I don’t actually know what “Хилийн тэнгэр цэлмэг байгаасай” means)

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Tell me this isn’t a sign of the times


I mean, I know that LL Bean made “hunting” gear in the most yuppie/fudd-like of ways, but I’ve never seen them directly advertise it. We are winning.


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Worse than getting a paper cut at the lemon juice factory


A cut right between my fingers. It even hurts to click my mouse…

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Trying to decide if I want to branch out on some of the things that I’ve had for a while but need new of, in this case undershirts. “Great,” says I, “I’m an Amazon prime member now, so lets look around!”

Half an hour later I can’t tell if, say, this one as an example, is too long, too short, too heavyweight, too lightweight, too shrinkable, too long, flat collar, rolling collar, and etc, and etc.

I thought Amazon prime was supposed to make me never want to go to Wally World again? Right now it’s having the opposite effect…

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Be the Music


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Canned cat


The steam canner was out drying off and the cat thought it would make a lovely bed. Guess it’s gonna have to be cleaned out again…


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