Time is running out

We’re at about t=0 here. Have to get the map figures banged out today and put into the report, and get it all printed. If some miracle occurs, we might actually get it delivered today, but most likely someone will have to run the hour and a half down to the state engineer’s office is deliver it tomorrow morning. Or tomorrow afternoon. One way or the other… but it seems like a good time for a Muse reprise:



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2 responses to “Time is running out

  1. And at the other end of the country, I am still light on work and bumming around other departments, have a five day vacation starting Friday, will be hiking Mount Washington over the weekend, and get to catch up on some fishing. And shooting. And doing up some beer can chicken on the grill. And it is going to rain all week.

    The last one is important as it keeps the dorks from Mass. out of my way.

  2. kx59

    “Someone” is going to have to drive it down?
    Aren’t you on the bottom of a totem pole comprised of two tiers?