Shut up shut up shut up

Out of all the arguments for or against something–anything! the one that causes me the most agitation is the classic statement “if you are SERIOUS about [subject], then…” as if anyone else who disagrees or has had an alternate experience knows nothing and can’t even trust their own experiences.

Listen bub, I don’t care if you have two doctorates in human ergonomics talking about computer mice, or a 5 time world champion IDPA shooter talking about ammo choice–you use this argument and I’m gonna tune you out so fast they’ll hear a burst of static on the radios in China. It’s denigrating, unprofessional, and nonsensical–automatically categorizing anyone who disagrees with you as a three year old child… you people wouldn’t know “classy” if it bit you on the nose.

This PSA brought to you by way of many years reading internet forums (which I’ve pretty much sworn off) and a particularly frustrating search for something on Amazon (which I’ve been doing more of lately).



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4 responses to “Shut up shut up shut up

  1. Cooking forums, gun forums, construction workers on the subject of anything but construction, and music hardware nerds are terrible for this. I have gotten to the point that I troll them until I lose interest or get kicked.

    Oddly enough, the bicycle crowd isn’t bad about it.

    • And the camera crowd does it a bit, but with a smile and a grin because they are pretty much the nicest people on the internet and love any and all cameras, “serious” or not.