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Time is running out

We’re at about t=0 here. Have to get the map figures banged out today and put into the report, and get it all printed. If some miracle occurs, we might actually get it delivered today, but most likely someone will have to run the hour and a half down to the state engineer’s office is deliver it tomorrow morning. Or tomorrow afternoon. One way or the other… but it seems like a good time for a Muse reprise:



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Microsoft PSA

Apparently, in Word, “Undo” is code word for “Change all the formatting on everything to Tahoma 8 pt font.” Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that in school? Now you too can have fun writing really really really professional-looking* reports!

*”Professional” being Microsoft Codeword for “Serial Killer Newspaper Clipping Ransom Letter”


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Insult to injury


Ticketed for feeding the alligator after it bit his hand off. That is what is known as a “bad day.”


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This is zippier than the version I was familiar with

Now, I always thought it was terriers, like a slang nickname for guys who went down in the mines like a terrier goes down a varmint hole, but this says tarriers, and shows a bunch of railwaymen, so now I have no idea where I got my mental image from–the last verse was also unfamiliar to me, which is pretty explicitly railroad-y…

Anyway, off to work. Two days left and whatever we can fit in Wednesday morning.

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Hi ho, hi ho…

Working on a Saturday, hopefully the last time for a while. This project is coming right along, but still due this Wednesday, so here I am again. This thursday, however after the project is turned in to the state engineer, my boss is going to be out of town for a wedding for almost a week, so I’m thinking I might balance the scales a bit and do a couple half days… hmmm, I wonder if I could get my act together enough to go camping… or maybe just binge on Minecraft…


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Shut up shut up shut up

Out of all the arguments for or against something–anything! the one that causes me the most agitation is the classic statement “if you are SERIOUS about [subject], then…” as if anyone else who disagrees or has had an alternate experience knows nothing and can’t even trust their own experiences.

Listen bub, I don’t care if you have two doctorates in human ergonomics talking about computer mice, or a 5 time world champion IDPA shooter talking about ammo choice–you use this argument and I’m gonna tune you out so fast they’ll hear a burst of static on the radios in China. It’s denigrating, unprofessional, and nonsensical–automatically categorizing anyone who disagrees with you as a three year old child… you people wouldn’t know “classy” if it bit you on the nose.

This PSA brought to you by way of many years reading internet forums (which I’ve pretty much sworn off) and a particularly frustrating search for something on Amazon (which I’ve been doing more of lately).


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About my favorite Led Zeppelin song, turned inside out.


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Are you sure?


The cafeteria must not have served the recommended amount of beans that day…


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Ya think?


We are paying money for this.

Good lord.

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Weird, and I like it.

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Sun(set) Flower


Was out watering the garden, and I didn’t have my good camera. This will have to do.

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The only known predator of the polar bear


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Obviously, Mayor Bloomberg did not think things through before he suggested this preposterous course of action. If the nation’s police were to walk off the job today, by tomorrow, American citizens would be flocking to gun stores to purchase firearms for personal protection. All his stupid statement will do is increase gun sales.

Maybe Bloomberg wants to replace Barack Obama as the unofficial gun salesman of the year

Alan Gottlieb from the latest press release.

A little while back I read a news story that said that Bloomberg was being considered as Mittens’ running mate. I wonder if they realize just how horrible that would be?


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Random Tricky Song

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