Your Netflix recommendation of the day

As evidenced by this morning’s music, we watched the Ken Burns documentary “Horatio’s Drive: America’s First Road Trip,” detailing the trip taken by Horatio Nelson Jackson in 1903. Using photos taken by Jackson along the way, and the (very eloquent and humorous) letters he wrote to his wife, the show takes you through the trials and tribulations he took to get from San Francisco to New York at a time when most Americans never traveled more than 50 miles from home. It is a very well done program–Mr. Burns hardly had to do anything to spruce it up for television, as the letters and photos are quite entertaining on their own. Jackson had quite an optimistic and witty outlook on life, which you would have had to have had to undertake such an adventure, basically on a whim and a $50 dollar bet.

The most amazing thing of all, that you almost can’t wrap your mind around, is that the program points out that about 40 years earlier settlers were dying of dysentery on the Oregon Trail, and about 60 years later astronauts were walking on the moon. 100 years are nothing in human history, but what a leap we made. Almost makes me look past the politics of Now to want to see the Gene Roddenberry future of Tomorrow.

Oh, and Jackson’s dog, a goggle-wearing pit bull named Bud, survives the journey just fine, so you know it’s a happy ending. You should watch it if you get the chance.



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7 responses to “Your Netflix recommendation of the day

  1. Stephen

    Thanks for the tip…I will watch.

  2. kx59

    Cool, this narrows down the search for something decent to watch on netflix (so much crap to wade through there).

    • Really? I like it so much more than any of the other options for the boob tube. I can pick exactly what I want to watch and not have to wade through the crap…

      • kx59

        If I know exactly what I’m after, I agree. We haven’t been on netflix for all that long, so the default selections that come up are not so good.
        I’m not saying I don’t like netflix, I love it.
        So, I’m watching ole Horatio, had my first laugh out loud of the day, watching the (I’ll call it a model T, cuz I don’t know no diffrent) jump over the outhouse, land pancake flat and go total garage sale.

  3. kx59

    I give that 5 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed the heck out of that.
    You’ve set a very high bar for yourself young skunk trapper.
    Very careful you must be on your next netflix recommendation.