Flashlight Question

Say, hypothetically, you recently purchased a fancy pants flashlight, commonly advertised as “indestructible,” only to have it crap out on you after a month of gentle use. Rather than exchanging it for another, you decide to do a straight return and shop around for something else. Preferably something with an LED, and small.

Do you look for a flashlight that uses 123A batteries for increased brightness, or AA’s for convenience?

Butch was, er, hypothetically trying to get me to look at Fenix to do some pre-testing for him as his current fancy pants flashlight was having some customer support issues. I like some of what I’m seeing, but do I look more for the tacticool pocket clip/crenelations all around/more expensive, or plain-jane-but-half-as-expensive, when realistically it will live in the bottom of my pocket and not clipped up top?

Sigh. Why can’t things just work?



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4 responses to “Flashlight Question

  1. Tom Hampton

    An LED that is plug-in rechargeable ’cause this guy, in the video, had an battery pace-maker

  2. doubletrouble

    I went with a Fenix LD25, uses 2 AA’s, advertised @ 160 lumens on high, 2+ hour run time. Lights up the backstop 100 yds away. It’s not “tacticool”, as it’s made to be a hand-held, not mounted. I like it. Check reviews on Amazon. Fenix also make the “cool” ones, I just didn’t need that.

    I ALWAYS, if possible, go with a unit that takes batteries you can get at the corner store. Always.

    Same with the Streamlight Microstream; one AAA, 28 adv. lumens, 2+ hours run as well. It’s my EDC, never leaves the pocket, clipped to the left like my knife is clipped to the right. Clip works both ways, so it can be clipped to a hat brim. I can see out about 25 yds with it.

    Both are “push on”, as in the tail button can be held for momentary use.

    There are no reasons to not go with a LED; the new Cree C4+ technology simply makes other battery-burners obsolete. Unless you need to see to the bottom of the Grand Canyon or something.

    The Fenix was $50, & the Streamlight $18. Can’t hardly go wrong there…


  3. Thanks. That was about what I was thinking on the batteries, but the MORE POWER call is hard to resist. I’ve been looking at the Fenix LD15, but it doesn’t have a clip, which, like you said, is sometimes handy to stick it on your hat or something like that. But it’s bright enough, for sure, and only 30 bucks…

    • I stopped back to check for additional comments…

      But ANOTHER thing: get some Sanyo “Eneloop” rechargeable batteries for the (?). They are way better than any Ni-MHs I’ve seen so far, & hold the charge when not in use. Then, w/your solar panel & a charger, you’ve got free flashlight 4 EVAH!