Seen on the road

I had a theory, long since disproven but still with a grain of truth buried in the middle of it, that those people who put the long string of stick figure representations of their family on the back window of their car were mormons.  Now I recognize that there are some circumstances where my rush to judgment is incorrect, but there are certain variables that greatly increase my odds of being correct.

For example I would be willing to very my next paycheck on my theory being true on this one: I saw a Suburban (strike one) with a string of the aforementioned stick figures going halfway across the back window (strike two) and a Boise State sticker on the bumper (strike three).  If those people aren’t Mormons, I’ll eat my mustache.


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4 responses to “Seen on the road

  1. Butch Cassidy

    You have a moustache?

    And we only get Jehovah’s Witnesses over here.

  2. I first read that as “morons”…
    I’ve never seen that stick-figger thingy up this way.